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During Airdrop Season 2, Blur NFT Will Screen False Wallet Addresses


Blur NFT will start the second airdrop and reduce fraud by restricting participating wallet addresses after the first airdrop generated a lot of buzz.

Blur employs tokens and an airdrop method to draw NFT users, like many other NFT exchanges who are trying to compete with OpenSea. Blur launched an airdrop of tokens for users and NFT traders on the very first day of its existence.

On February 13, Blur NFT market finally made public the long-awaited airdrop. During the airdrop, many participating users aggressively sold off their BLUR token holdings, precipitating a dramatic drop in price that saw it drop from $5 when it was first listed to between $0.50 and $0.70. Within the following hours, BLUR had trading activity of more over $500 million.

Due to greater competition, season 2's complexity is anticipated to rise. More than 300 million tokens would be issued in Season 2, and Blur said a broadcast of Season 2 would happen soon.

Until April 1, 2023, the number of sites for bidding and listing has been increased. This implies that if you want to get a jump start on the Season 2 rewards, you need to start listing and bidding on NFT on Blur.

To improve your score, keep your bids on the best collections near the floor price. Blur has additionally stated that Loyalty would be the key to maximize prizes in Season 2.

Before to then, CryptoSlam has found over $1 billion worth of Blur-related wash trade revenue since the February 14 airdrop, including at least $577 million of it. An example of this was a temporary resale of NFTs at a price similar to the asset's initial transaction.

The general consensus was that Blur encouraged wash trading during its airdrop in order to draw players from other platforms.

Hence, the project will declare that it will pick and eliminate wallet addresses with signs of fraud in the next airdrop after this in response to a user's notification about a fraudulent wallet address having a high queue.

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