3 months ago 1 min read

Eisenberg, Mango Swindler, Being Investigated by SEC, According to CFTC Commissioner

mango market-sec-eisenberg

Avraham Eisenberg, a self-described Mango Markets exploiter, is also being looked at by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for his part in the extraction of $110 million from the decentralized system.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission commissioner Kristin Johnson mentioned the simultaneous probe by the SEC in a statement released on Monday. Eisenberg was charged by the CFTC with manipulating the decentralized swaps markets.

An email sent outside of business hours seeking comment did not immediately receive a response from an SEC spokeswoman.

The Department of Justice brought criminal charges against Eisenberg last month, and he is currently in detention. He acknowledged on Twitter that he was in charge of sapping the majority of Mango Markets' resources while claiming that his trading tactics were legitimate and followed the protocol's rules exactly.

Investigators contend that he used considerable illegal earnings to manipulate the price of Mango's own token, MNGO.

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