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Partnership Established Between Elrow Dubai and NFT Ticketing Platform SeatlabNFT


NFT ticketing is becoming more and more popular, which could have a big impact on the market. NFT tickets will eliminate ticket resale and counterfeiting, according to a statement issued by Binance a few months ago. This will reduce confrontations at sporting events. For NFT tickets, the exchange had a partnership with S.S. Lazio. In addition to allowing entry to events, NFT tickets also granted its owners access to special discounts in stores and during competitions, free tokens, and other benefits from S. S. Lazio.

Massive Event Prepared for VIPs

VIP tickets are only available from SeatlabNFT, an NFT ticketing and experience platform, for Elrow Dubai. The event itself will feature a variety of digital collectibles, airdropped rewards, and gamified interactive blockchain installations, and all VIP tickets will be issued as NFTs. The immersive and interactive carnival and circus-themed events hosted by Elrow are well renowned.

Even more alluring is the fact that owing to the SeatlabNFT service, A-listers can obtain Proof of Attendance NFTs from Elrow Dubai. This offers a fresh viewpoint on heirlooms that will stand the test of time due to the blockchain's immutability.

For the 8,000 attendees at Elrow XXL on November 2, 2022, SeatlabNFT will sell the sole VIP tickets available. When it happens in February 2023, Dubai will serve as the event's host city. NFT won't have ever been used to organize such a sizable VIP event before.

Millions of music lovers around the world can now download the SeatlabNFT app because it has been formally launched on both the App Store and Google Play.

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