Enchanted Creatures Club's NFT collection sold out in three days, helping save Galapagos' endangered species in the process.

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are a natural wonder, with endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. But the delicate ecosystem is under threat, and the Enchanted Creatures Club is stepping in to help.

Their unique NFT collection features the beauty and uniqueness of the Galapagos' creatures, with 10,122 Ethereum NFTs showcasing the archipelago's most iconic animals. And the best part? 70% of the royalties from NFT sales go towards supporting Galapagos' conservation efforts, while the remaining 30% will be used to sustain the Enchanted Creatures Club project.

The team behind the Enchanted Creatures Club is Ecuadorian and has partnered with the Charles Darwin Foundation to ensure that all funds raised through the NFTs go to the most influential NGOs operating in the area.

But Why NFTs?

The pandemic hit Galapagos' tourism-dependent economy hard, limiting resources for protection. With this in mind, the Enchanted Creatures Club's project aims to bring more tourists to the archipelago after the pandemic, and support the NGOs operating in the area effectively.

To kickstart their mission, the Enchanted Creatures Club offered one free mint of their NFTs per wallet, with additional mints to the same wallet at a fixed price of 0.01 ETH. As stated by the Enchanted Creatures Club team:

"Helping Galapagos is priceless, that's why we're doing this."

By minting their NFTs, supporters can make a real-world impact by helping to preserve the Galapagos. The Enchanted Creatures Club's innovative approach to raising funds for conservation efforts in the Galapagos has already garnered significant interest and support from the NFT community.

Join the movement to save Galapagos' unique and delicate ecosystem with Enchanted Creatures Club's NFT collection.

Fully Minted; Floor & Ceiling Prices In OpenSea

In just 3 days as per the above-mentioned, ECC went fully minted. It shows the value and support coming from the owners of the NFTs. A total of 7,645 ECC NFT owners were tallied with 76% of that being unique ones. The floor price listed on OpenSea is at 0.001 ETH or roughly $1.76, while the ceiling price is at 1 ETH or with an estimated value of $1,762.48 as of the writing.

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