The native cryptocurrency of gaming business Enjin, Enjin Coin (ENJ), increased on April 7. The cryptocurrency asset increased from $0.418 lows to $0.50 intraday highs, its highest level since February 25.

At the time of writing, ENJ had increased 13% over the previous day to $0.462. This is crucial because most cryptocurrencies have recently traded at a loss or with very small profits. Enjin has increased by 95.91% so far this year.

At the time of publication, the trading volume of Enjin Coin has increased by around 700%. The total number of units traded during a given time period, or the trading volume, might indicate interest in either purchasing or selling an item.

It might be stated that traders jumped in quickly to take advantage of the rapid increase in volatility.

Enjin Promises Intriguing Future Events

Enjin announced at the beginning of April via its official Twitter account that some very exciting things are approaching.

The new Enjin platform, which enables users to effortlessly build collections, tokens, and beams, is revealed in this early preview. The new UI platform will also allow game developers to approve, freeze, alter, and destroy components.

The group is also eagerly anticipating the launch of its marketplace. The features are now being shown by developers, who are also soliciting community feedback. The planned marketplace will be able to work with Efinity in the future and include all of the fundamental features present in any NFT-related marketplace.

The Enjin wallet software, a cryptocurrency and NFT mobile app that lets users store, send, and sell NFTs, was updated by the team in March. The app is accessible for Android and iOS users.

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