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Error 1.14 Beta Solana Validator Caused Solana to Stop Functioning, but SOL Increased by 22%


The Solana Foundation's RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoints are presently inaccessible. Due to a flaw in the 1.14 Solana Validator beta, Solana ceased to function.

RPC is viewed as a network technological model and a way for two processes to communicate, enabling programmers to easily connect with the blockchain network. However, because of a fault in the 1.14 Solana Validator beta, the RPC endpoints that enable bitcoin applications and wallets to connect to the blockchain are currently unavailable.

The post also made it clear that, unlike earlier failures or network disruptions, the incident had no impact on Solana's capacity to create new blocks. Other RPCs offered by Triton, QuickNode, and Alchemy continue to function as intended.

The Solana network shut down at least five times in 2022 alone, but this is the first issue Solana has encountered in 2023. The majority of these outages are brought on by weak defenses against spam bots, which overburden transactions.

Most recently, over 1,000 nodes were disconnected as a result of a cloud service provider blocking them, preventing approximately 22% of SOL staking from receiving rewards for transaction confirmation. The network "stood still" for more than 8.5 hours in May 2022, which was the longest outage of the year.

Both the network and the price of Solana's SOL token are not significantly impacted by the aforementioned event. In the past 24 hours, SOL even climbed by more than 22%.

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