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Evidence Collective Introduces Additional Functionality To Aid Customers In Discovering NFT Artists

proof collective-web3-moonbird

Proof Collective, the Web3 company that developed Moonbirds' non-fungible token collection, just announced, users may now explore their favorite artists and profiles across the Proof ecosystem.

Users are now able to browse the profiles of their favorite artists and profiles throughout the Proof ecosystem thanks to the NFT feature made available by Proof Collective.

The introduction of the next NFT artist browsing function was revealed by Evidence Collective founder Kevin Rose in a blog post that was posted on February 24. Users can browse artist profiles thanks to the enhanced features offered by the dashboard.

In December 2021, the exclusive NFT community known as Proof Collective was launched. It is the creation of 10,000 pixelated owl NFTs with a fixed edition from the hugely popular projects Oddities, Grails, Emotes, and Moonbirds.

Proof Collective started out as a modest podcast and has since developed into a significant company. The collection includes works from over a thousand emerging non-fungible token producers and collectors, albeit some are still unidentified.

Thanks to the new NFT functionality, users will be able to research all artists within the Proof ecosystem and learn more about their background, location, and NFT industry experience.

According to Proof Collective, the best way to appreciate an artist and their work is to learn about their background, how they've honed their craft, and get first- and second-hand descriptions of their contributions to the space through engaging media.

Appreciating an artist requires knowledge of their background, field of endeavor, and artistic development process. Thanks to the artist profiles at PROOF, Web3 users will soon be able to discover new musicians and establish stronger relationships with them. According to Proof, they may quickly develop their skills by understanding an artist's past. To truly appreciate an artist and their work, it's essential to hear first- and second-hand accounts of one's space journeys via magnetic media.

Proof Collective invests significantly in producing original content, such as video, audio, and comprehensive writing, to showcase their artists' work. As part of this effort, each artist associated with PROOF will have their own Artist Profile, with more data and features being added in the coming months. Web3 aims to track upcoming projects, strengthen existing connections, and discover new talent.

Proof Collective had organized a conference in May where artists and NFT collectors could discuss future prospects of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, the organizers had to postpone the event earlier this week due to lower-than-anticipated demand.

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