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Exploiter Contacts Euler Finance To Negotiate A Deal

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On March 21, An exploiter had contacted the lending platform Euler Finance via on-chain communications. The exploiter exhibited a desire to come to an agreement and said they had no intention of keeping anything that did not belong to them, despite the fact that the scenario could have been alarming.

After Euler Financial issued an on-chain ultimatum requesting the recovery of funds, the hacker has recently volunteered to start a dialogue. The message, which was sent over an Ethereum transaction, said the following:

We want to make this easy on all those affected. No intention of keeping what is not ours. Setting up secure communication. Let us come to an agreement.

Many hours passed before Euler Finance acknowledged the exploiter's message and asked for a private dialogue in its own on-chain communication.

On March 13th, a flash loan exploit that targeted the DeFi platform Euler Finance resulted in the loss of roughly $196.9 million in various cryptocurrencies. DAI stablecoin valued at $8.7 million and Wrapped Bitcoin [WBTC] valued at $18.5 million were two of the stolen valuables. Approximately $135.8 million in staked Ethereum (stETH) and $33.8 million in Dollar Coin (USDC) were also stolen by the attackers.

Euler Financial made an effort to reach an agreement with the hacker following the incident by promising them 10% of the $200 million that was taken in exchange for returning the remaining funds within 24 hours. However, this offer was declined, causing Euler Finance to offer a $1 million reward for information that will help find the perpetrator and return all of the stolen money.

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