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Facebook Offers to Talk About Twitter Moderation With Elon Musk


A statement from Meta Platform's (Facebook) independent Oversight Board stated that they would "welcome the opportunity" to discuss Twitter's plans for content moderation in more detail. This came hours after Elon Musk announced the creation of a "Content Moderation Council" for Twitter.

Tweeted the Oversight Board:

“Independent oversight of content moderation has a vital role to play in building trust in platforms and ensuring users are treated fairly. This is a model we have been proving since 2020. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss Twitter’s plans in more detail with the company.”

Facebook was fairly early to realize that with two billion active users on its platform, it shouldn't be the sole authority to make decisions on speech and online safety on its own. According to Facebook's official terms, "the Oversight Board was created to help Facebook answer some of the most difficult questions around freedom of expression online: what to take down, what to leave up and why."

Overview of the Meta's Oversight Board

The board makes use of its independent judgment to support people's freedoms of speech and association and to ensure that these rights are being treated equitably. The board's vote to support or reject Facebook's content preferences will be legally binding, suggesting that Facebook must follow them or risk breaking the law.

The Oversight Board includes people from various social and professional backgrounds, reflecting the variety of the Facebook platform itself, in order to build and ensure a worldwide outlook. These people were chosen because they have professional and practical experience with thoughtful and cogent thought, are adept at exploring and understanding choices given a set of policies or standards, and are knowledgeable about cutting-edge digital material and administration.

How Twitter Can Leverage Them

The Oversight Board thinks they can aid Twitter by outlining the council's fundamental organizational structure and working in tandem to develop a more sophisticated standard protocol that will eventually take the form of a widely accepted set of rules for all social media on the internet.

Elon Musk has not yet responded to the concept as of the time this story was written; any updates will be posted here.

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