WickdNFT, the creator of HideoutNFT, recently tweeted a warning to the Discord community about a possible compromise that resulted in an Arbitrum developer posting a phishing link in the channel.

In the message, the Arbitrum team requests that users refrain from clicking on any links posted by the channel until they have verified that they are once again in charge of the Discord server.

Since Arbitrum is a well-liked Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, this news has shocked the cryptocurrency world. Customers depend on the site for quick and affordable transactions, thus any possible security breach might have serious repercussions.

The incident's specifics are yet unknown, therefore it's crucial for users to use cautious and refrain from accessing any links shared by the Discord channel. The phishing link might be used to obtain private keys or login passwords, or other sensitive data that could be used to compromise user accounts. Users may suffer large financial losses as a result, and the platform may suffer reputational harm.

The Arbitrum team has assured users that they are looking into the situation and taking the necessary precautions to safeguard the Discord server in response to it. Users are urged to exercise caution while waiting for the issue to be rectified because it is currently uncertain when it will be resolved.

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