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First Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay Featured Venture Capitalists as Keynote Speakers


Bitcoin will be hosted on Boracay's renowned white beach.
BTC $20,573 and global venture capital leaders as the first-ever Bitcoin Island Retreat experience confronts the Philippines' most pro-Bitcoin neighborhood.

The Henann Regency Resort and Spa will host the inaugural event from March 27 to 29, 2023, with a lineup of dynamic, internationally renowned speakers from a variety of industries and crypto-business sectors.

Lead organizer of the Bitcoin Island Retreat, Pouch.ph CEO Ethan Rose, revealed that former Sequoia Capital cryptocurrency investor Augie Ilag, HCM Capital founder and managing partner Jack Lee, Mimesis Capital founder, CEO, and chief investment officer Louis Liu, and Lightning Ventures general partner Mike "Muzz" Jarmuz are among the speakers.

The main cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet in the Philippines, Coins.ph, will have Elijah Tan, vice president of operations, in attendance and presenting at the event. Tan, a former fiat exchange lead at Binance, will speak about using Web3 and cryptocurrency use cases to address issues in international markets.

Elijah Tan, vice president of operations for Coins.ph, the country's primary cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet, will be present and speaking at the event. Tan will discuss using Web3 and cryptocurrency use cases to address difficulties in global markets. Tan was a previous fiat exchange lead at Binance.

The following well-known Bitcoin educators and businesspeople will also attend the event:

  • Lyman Manzanares, founder of Lightning Coop
  • Max Webster, founder of Hivemind Ventures
  • Jiro Reyes, founder and CEO of Bitskwela.com
  • Gillian Kok, entrepreneur and holistic therapist
  • Chris Tan, entrepreneur and creator
  • Stephan Livera, podcaster and head of education at Swan Bitcoin
  • Mary Imasuen, Bitcoin podcast host
  • Joey Miyamoto, Bitcoin and Lightning researcher
  • Hodling Carla, founder of Hodling Apparel
  • Rafael Padilla, legal director of Farcove Consulting
  • Roy Miclat, president of 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines
  • Bill Hill, community lead of Bitcoin Island.

Rose disclosed:

"We’re extremely excited to be putting on the first Bitcoin Island Retreat in Boracay. Bitcoin adoption in the Philippines has been blooming by leaps and bounds, ranking second globally. We want Boracay to be the epicenter of this advancement in the country"

The event, which runs from Monday through Wednesday, is expected to draw a large crowd of bitcoin developers and fans who want to network, pitch ideas, and share announcements. Attendees get the chance to live entirely off of Bitcoin in addition to connecting with pioneers in the field of blockchain technology. More than 250 establishments, including restaurants, hotels, and even sari-sari shops, can now take Lightning payments and receive immediate, fee-free settlement in Philippine pesos. Rose also said:

“Bitcoin Lightning payment is changing the game for tourists and even local communities of this beautiful island. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Bitcoin and experience how the Lightning Network can improve our lives.”

Two days of circular introductions, tag discussions, and keynote speakers who will present the most recent Lightning Network breakthroughs as well as their fascinating ongoing projects and perspectives on the Bitcoin ecosystem will open the event.

Key event partner Bitskwela will conduct a parallel education track where practical seminars will cover subjects like how to convince companies to accept Bitcoin payments, how to present a technical demo, how to fully control your Bitcoin, etc.

The Bitcoin Island Retreat will host official afterparties and networking activities in addition to the speaking events at locations that take bitcoin. If attendees can locate the 12-word seed phrase for a private key held by Dread Pirate Nakamoto, they will also have a chance to take home some Bitcoin loot. The words are hidden all across the island, and the first person to uncover them will win a bitcoin reward.

Coins.ph and Bitskwela, as well as Orange Pill App, are the sponsors and co-presenters of the Bitcoin Island Retreat.

The Bitcoin Island Retreat's official website offers conference passes for local and international attendees, with ticket costs rising every Friday. While the Bitcoin-specific area in the Philippines continues to expand annually, interest in the Bitcoin Island Retreat is anticipated from the wider crypto community.

Visit the website to register for this year's top Bitcoin event: https://pouch.ph/retreatrsvp.

About Pouch.ph

One of the most cutting-edge startups in the Philippines, Pouch.ph uses the Lightning Network of Bitcoin to enable faster, more cost-effective, and more borderless payments. In addition to 250+ merchants in Boracay, Pouch is now testing its closed beta with a select set of individual early adopters.

For more information about Pouch.ph, visit https://pouch.ph and follow us on Facebook.

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