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Repression By US Government, Tornado Cash Resurfaces

tornado cash-spankchain-ethereum

Ameen Soleimani, co-founder of SpankChain and Reflex Labs, recently tweeted that the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash would soon be back.

According to Soleimani's tweet, Privacy Pools V0 will be the mixer's follow-up. On top of that, the Moloch DAO, the organization that awards funding for the advancement of the Ethereum project, will soon participate.

The Tornado Cash-like cryptocurrency mixing protocol has been under fire for its use of numerous tactics to disguise the source of the cryptocurrency, which has made it easier for hacks of all sizes to be carried out without difficulty.

Due of this, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control has charged Tornado Cash with assisting the Lazarus cyber organization, which has ties to North Korea, in launder money. The decision to penalize and prohibit the operation follows that.

This summer, Dutch police also detained its developer Alexey Pertsev. Pertsev is still being held until an April hearing, which is currently scheduled.

Tornado Cash has, however, gotten a lot of support from the cryptocurrency investor and development community due to its fundamental decentralization, coupled with condemnation from the legal authorities.

Last September, GitHub updated its listing of the Tornado Cash code repositories, an Ethereum-based mixer. Ethereum developers frequently use GitHub, a centralized internet hosting site for software development. Ethereum developers have urged Tornado Cash code-hosting platforms to lift their restriction because they consider computer code to be free speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

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