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Former FTX-US Chairman's New Crypto Firm Has Support of Scaramucci


Anthony Scaramucci claims that Brett Harrison, the former CEO of the now-defunct FTX US crypto exchange, formed a company in which he has invested.

In an email made public by Bloomberg, Scaramucci declared his intention to contribute personally to the endeavor in order to assist Harrison. When Bloomberg questioned the former FTX US CEO, he responded as follows:

“Anthony has been a true mentor and friend to me since I joined the crypto industry two years ago. I’m honored to have him as an investment partner, and know his guidance will be invaluable as I begin this new chapter.”

FTX Ventures, the venture capital division of Sam Bankman-now-imploded Fried's crypto empire, said in September that it had purchased a 30% stake in Anthony Scaramucci's Skybridge Capital and that the two businesses will continue to collaborate on venture and digital asset financing.

Scaramucci said that when FTX descended into bankruptcy, SkyBridge would make an effort to acquire that shareholding. Later, he asserted that while he had investigated Bankman-Fried before the sale, it was "not enough" and that he had done more research.

Harrison worked at FTX US for almost 17 months before departing in September. Bankman-Fried and he had previously worked together at Citadel Securities and Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm.

After months of conflict with FTX US internals, Harrison recently shared his unique experiences on Twitter. Scaramucci spoke about the transaction in response to a tweet from Harrison:

According to Bankman-Fried, the following was said in a statement to Bloomberg about Harrison's Twitter thread:

“While I strongly disagree with much of what he said, I have no desire to get into a public argument with him, nor do I feel like it’s my place to litigate his job performance in public, unless he were to authorize me to do so.”

Harrison was looking for funding for a $100 million-valued firm in cryptocurrency software. The suggested strategy involved developing software that cryptocurrency traders could use to access numerous centralized and decentralized crypto marketplaces and develop algorithms for their trading methods.

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