Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, has experienced a second outage in the past week.

Its status page indicated that several systems were currently down. According to the exchange, "reports of potential service disruptions are being investigated. Customers' money and accounts are always absolutely protected. More updates will come.

The exchange was entering maintenance mode to look into an application recovery issue, according to its official Twitter account. It also stated that the case was being handled by its personnel.

Due to planned maintenance that was delayed by more than three hours on December 16, the exchange was unavailable for many hours.

On November 16, Gemini went offline as a result of an Amazon Web Services EBS outage affecting one of its main databases.

As of the time of publication, the cause of the exchange's unavailability was unknown.

Competing cryptocurrency exchanges and OKX, meanwhile, have recently had withdrawal challenges because of problems with their cloud service providers.

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