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Google Pay and Apple Pay are Now Supported on Binance

binance-google pay-apple pay-binance-Bitcoin

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency companies, Binance, recently disclosed the inclusion of Google Pay and Apple Pay. With the integration, 43.9 million Apple Pay and 25 million Google Pay users can now utilize the exchange.

To alert users of the development, the site published an official post. The report claims that the most recent Binance Build upgrade has improved user interaction with the platform. This was a significant development for the accessibility of Binance's services.

The action also gave the exchange the chance to promote Bitcoin investment. The feature is smooth-running thanks to Binance exchange, which has also welcomed a ton of new users.

Modern users' preference for digital assets and wallets is a key driver of the integration. The fact that Apple Pay and Google Pay have a combined user base of 69 million users is evidence of this.

However, those who wish to use the service should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Log in to the Binance App first.
  2. Choose Trade or Buy cryptocurrency with Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  3. Browse Fiat from the trade menu and pick your desired currency.
  4. Select the Buy Crypto option now.
  5. Give the system the desired amount, and it will convert it to cryptocurrency.
  6. Click the Buy button.
  7. Select Google Pay or Apple Pay at this time.
  8. Click on Confirm to check the information.
  9. Await the completion of the transaction.
  10. Users will now be forwarded to the transaction page for Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  11. Follow the steps on the page to confirm the payment.
  12. After the payment has been made, select View Wallet.

The integration also makes Binance easier to use, which is another perk. The most recent development is a significant stride, however certain people won't be able to enjoy it. It's because some places don't accept these payment methods.

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