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HashKey Group And SlowMist Work Together To Strengthen Digital Asset Security


In order to provide safety for diverse HashKey firms, SlowMist and HashKey Group have announced the formal establishment of a strategic collaboration to collaboratively develop more comprehensive security standards and solutions.

The strategic alliance will focus on security for the digital asset ecosystem, anti-money laundering for digital assets, cutting-edge security technology research, and other technical areas.

After analyzing blockchains including Ethereum, EVM-based blockchains, EOS, Fabric, Solana, Klaytn, and Aptos, the startup SlowMist found hundreds of high- and medium-risk vulnerabilities.

In accordance with that, the company will also offer Red Teaming services to HashKey Group. Red teaming will be used to assess the enterprise workforce, business systems, supplier chains, office systems, and physical security of the HashKey Group.

Based on the evaluation's findings and the real security requirements of HashKey Group, SlowMist will offer the best graded security defensive solutions to better protect weak core nodes and deter attackers.

Additionally, it will offer HashKey Group security consulting services to meet the demands of target projects' whole security systems and security lifecycles.

MistTrack and the Malicious Address Library are the company's two main products, which offer better control and defense against those who engage in money laundering.

Additionally, SlowMist will examine and research the potential of emerging technologies in collaboration with HashKey Group using its in-depth industry expertise as well as the investigation and original insights of HashKey Group's professional investment team.

HashKey Group will benefit from stronger security standards thanks to this strategic relationship, which also intends to advance security and the industry as a whole. In February, the business acquired approval from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to operate an off-site trading activity (OTC) platform for virtual assets through its subsidiary Hash Blockchain Ltd.

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