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Helium has Officially Announced its Plan for March 27 Migration to Solana


After receiving enough support from the community, Helium has passed the important notion of "migrating" to the Solana blockchain, with a specific date of March 27, 2023.

An article on a blog detailing Helium's (HNT) plans to move to the Solana network. As part of the project, the Upgrade Readiness Working (URWG) Group was established. This development team is made up of community volunteers and is in charge of managing the upgrade process. Helium also set a migration milestone on March 27; the integration process is expected to take 24 hours.

The community confirmed in September 2022 that it would "relocate" to Solana from its own blockchain. At the time, the layer-1 upkeep and network expansion were the HNT Foundation's top concerns. The integration with Solana will offer the development speed, scalability, wallet compatibility, and an ideal ecosystem.

This noteworthy event has significantly improved Helium. Solana will contain a sizable portion of Helium's data, including all of its accounts, wallets, tokens, hot pots, etc.

Even though Helium need more volunteers, the network indicates that a number of volunteer organizations are presently assisting with the migration process via the URWG. The development team's main focus from this point forward will be on fixing any bugs in the smart contract and updating the program with the most recent updates.

The Solana ecosystem saw a significant collapse as a result of the FTX crisis, and as a result, the SOL token eventually fell to a low of $8. The cost of HNT had risen by 6% as of the time this article was written compared to the day before.

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