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Hello Pets: To Build an Open Entertainment Ecosystem and Become Web3's Disney


By chance, Hello Pets is promoting the development of an open entertainment ecosystem. All of the connected groups will be in a position to connect in topics relating to storytelling and the artistic development of shared IPs as a result of this, in their perspective. It will start off with a cast of endearing pet characters.

Their longer-term goal is to bring together outside NFT collections with the participation of the group artists and the holders of those collections. In this, they will be sharing IPS, with the purpose of expanding upon unique content and products. Their objective is to create a Disney in Web3.

Utilizing modern game engines, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, and other technologies is the way forward for them. By doing this, Hello Pets' products will be applicable to both physical and digital applications, such as those for movies, video games, music, and other media. Toys that resemble Legos, clothing, home decor, and other items fall under this category.

Users must pay expensive IP authorization fees and invest a significant amount of time in the formalities required for using IPs to produce imitation works. However, in the NFT space, all a user needs to do is purchase an NFT in order to use the IP for the creation of copycat works and merge it into his own.

After that, the IPs can be used to increase the brand's playful quality, draw in its supporters, and give it more exposure. In light of this, they are tackling the NFT arena's licensing process and developing the new-age entertainment ecosystem.

The objective of Hello Pets is to establish themselves in the mainstream and the characters that are created, building a great fan following, along with becoming the most popular.

In addition to being connected to Hello Pets, all of the inventions are also relevant to many other NFT collections.

According to them, having everything in its proper position will pave the way for the development of a wide range of additional products. What they believe makes their enterprise utterly different from all others is the fact that every part is not dependent on a single entity but a whole community’s contribution and input as a whole. The new Disney must be a decentralized entertainment ecosystem with connections to the entire community.

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