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3 Simple Ways To Get Magic Eden's New Diamond Rewards

magic eden-nft-diamond rewards-cryptomarket

The NFT Magic Eden marketplace has announced the launch of a new Diamond Rewards program that enables users to earn diamonds on various tasks and unlock more gifts on its platform.

As a bonus item, diamonds have a fixed reward amount that does not fluctuate on a monthly basis. Instead of only rewarding trade volume, the launch program wants to recognize the community's dedication to the platform through a variety of behaviors.

Currently, there are three ways to acquire diamonds:

Bid : On Magic Eden, place NFT bids for the chance to win jewels.

List: On Magic Eden, post your NFTs for sale. You receive diamonds for selling your NFT.

Profile Setup: By entering your username, you may complete your Magic Eden profile and receive diamonds.

These diamonds will not fluctuate from month to month and are not restricted to a monthly cycle.

The multiplier for diamonds acquired is decided by the user's loyalty points, with 100% of those points earning a double multiplier, as shown by Magic Eden. Every 24 hours, loyalty is evaluated, and when diamonds are gained, a loyalty multiplier is used.

Calculation of loyalty points using user behavior over the previous six months. Future updates to the well-liked NFT platform will include additional opportunities to acquire gems, rewards, and perks related to diamonds.

A new NFT marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals was introduced by Magic Eden last week. The new platform is comparable to Magic Eden's existing NFT platform, which is based on Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana. Once the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection gained popularity, this launch strategy was developed.

With the platform's dedication to supporting numerous chains and the largest community of producers and collectors, Magic Eden's switch to Bitcoin ushers in a new era for digital collections. a totally unregulated, non-custodial market leveraging PSBT technology on Ordinals that offers a distinctive trading environment.

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