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Homeland Season 1 Debut Axie Infinity on February 22 with New AXS Rewards

Axie infinity

Homeland Alpha Season 1 will launch on February 22 with new AXS prizes, upgraded passive save items, and exclusive land cosmetics, according to official news from P2E game Axie Infinity.

Leading players in Homeland Alpha Season 1 can gain AXS awards by placing high on the leaderboards. Moreover, AXS online was used for the first time to host the Story Decorating Competition. This implies that everyone who owns property will be eligible to receive AXS for in-game abilities like building, crafting, combat, etc.

The Lunacian populace may anticipate an exciting season with the chance to express themselves in novel ways during Alpha 1, which will span for 30 days. Also, at the start and conclusion of Alpha Season 1, leaderboards and story progress will be reset.

In addition, the Passive Adventure upgrade allows you to empower adventurers with armor and weaponry before sending them into combat with some of Lunacia's most dangerous foes.

You will be able to create a group of up to three adventurers as of Alpha Season 1. Axie Infinity has also changed the mechanics for some elements including energy recovery, boss difficulty, and general leveling up rates.

The game has been enhanced in numerous other ways as well. Positive investigation and recovery procedures are also being taken in relation to the $100 million loss caused by the intrusion into the Harmony blockchain's Horizon bridge in June 2022.

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