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House of Blueberry Raises $6 Million in the Fashion of the Metaverse


Key Ideas:

  • For its fashion-focused metaverse enterprise, House of Blueberry has started a $6 million fundraising campaign.
  • The 20-person company is one of many in the area betting on the metaverse and is run by serial entrepreneur Gizem Mishi McDuff.
  • The business offers unique individual avatars in the metaverse for the video games Roblox and The Mims.

The Wake Forest, North Carolina-based company House of Blueberry trades in the metaverse with its unique pavatar creations for computer games like Roblox and The Sims.

Additionally, efforts in the market have not gone unnoticed, as seen by a recent SEC filing by the North Carolina-based company House of Blueberry. According to the petition, the metaverse fashion designer raised $5,999,999 from two investors between December 7 and December 21.

The 20-person company is one of many in the neighborhood relying on the metaverse to generate income from garments that nobody can even touch. Gizem Mishi McDuff, a seasoned businessperson, is in charge. However, McDuff believes that a more digitalized world has room for expansion. For the video games The Mims and Roblox, the firm offers unique personalized avatars in the metaverse.

The phrase "metaverse" has been in use since it first surfaced in 2003. And it turns out that the Linden Lab platform played a role in the establishment of the House of Blueberry.

According to The Business Journals, attending a virtual performance in Second Life gave McDuff the idea to pursue a profession in digital fashion. Users of the site can create custom avatars for use when interacting in virtual worlds. McDuff allegedly stated to The Business Journals:

"I found that to be incredibly fascinating. I then installed Second Life. I attended the performance."

McDuff claimed to have been so moved by the virtual world that she downloaded Photoshop and made a sweet polka-dot dress for herself. Her internet store was born out of that, which she quickly renamed the House of Blueberry after making $1 million off of it.

In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms, and the phrase "metaverse" immediately gained currency. Some of the largest fashion retailers and designers in the world are now part of this industry.

Metaverse fashion has become a huge appeal for big enterprises. As a result, a number of companies have chosen to concentrate on developing apparel and wearables for the 3D virtual environment.

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