The United States Patent and Trademark Office has received two applications from HSBC for its name and logo that pertain to cryptocurrencies (USPTO). HSBC's trademark registrations reveal the bank's ambitions for a range of digital products and services, including those connected to the exchange and transfer of virtual currencies, according to Mike Kondoudis, a trademark lawyer registered by the USPTO, who made the observation in a tweet on Friday.

The trademark applications for HSBC's crypto-related products were submitted on December 15; their serial numbers are 97718803 and 97718583. In its apps, the bank included a wide range of goods and services, including the ability to transfer, receive, convert, and store digital currency.

HSBC also included a number of NFT services, such as "downloadable digital files authenticated by non-traditional means of authentication in the metaverse," "providing banking services in the metaverse," and "providing processing of virtual credit card, virtual debit card, virtual prepaid card, and virtual payment card transactions in the metaverse."

By collaborating with blockchain virtual game platform The Sandbox in March, 2022, HSBC entered the metaverse. Noel Quinn, CEO of HSBC Group, stated in September, 2022 that the firm does not plan to use cryptocurrency.

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