By the end of this year, the wallets of important XRP holders have received considerable additions, according crypto analytics portal Santiment. These investors, who own 1 million to 10 million XRP tokens, are referred to as "whales" and "sharks."

Santiment's figures show that the increase in the pace of accumulation started in the middle of November. Surprisingly, based on CoinShares statistics, U.Today reported inflows into financial products specializing in XRP at the same time. At the time, it made note of the fact that significant inflows showed that investors were optimistic about the resolution of the SEC's action against Ripple.

Large XRP investors, as we now know, continued to amass despite the fact that traditional financial institutions were abandoning crypto-oriented products around the time of the FTX crash. It is noteworthy that the price of XRP is currently about $0.35 per token, which is comparable to what it was back then.

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