According to the official Hundred Finance Twitter, if the hacker chooses not to accept the offer, the cross-chain lending protocol will offer a reward of $500,000 for information that results in the hacker's capture.

If there is any information, the community is encouraged to share it on Discord or by emailing [email protected] for a chance to win prizes.

Prior to now, DeFi hacks continued to affect the Multi-chain Lending Protocol - Hundred Finance this month. On April 15, the veHND-based lending protocol encountered a security flaw on layer-2 Optimism that resulted in an estimated loss of $7.4 million.

The project is working to address the issue, get in touch with the hacker, and work out a deal to recover the funds that were taken. In order to clarify the situation, they work in tandem with security personnel. Many members were impacted by the hack, and one of them became stuck with every stablecoin on the system.

The project made an attempt to get in touch with the hacker to recover the funds and give a portion of the bounty, but the hacker was unresponsive.

Now that some users have begun their "investigations" after suffering considerable financial losses as a result of the hack, Hundred has been asked to disclose the information we have gathered about the attacker. In order to aid our efforts, Hundred Finance is also recommending security teams with experience in these particular situations.

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