3 months ago 1 min read

Huobi Declares It Will Begin Monitoring the CoreDAO Mainnet


Huobi has stated that it will monitor the events leading up to the introduction of CoreDAO's mainnet and will assess the project with a view to listing it as soon as is practically possible. Huobi's most recent listing interest, according to a blog post published on December 29, maintains the centralized exchange's propensity to follow industry hype as well as a dedication to "supporting premier initiatives."

As part of their commitment to giving back to the community, Huobi has never wavered in their commitment to funding innovative projects. Huobi will pay close attention to announcements made by CoreDAO regarding the impending mainnet launch because the CoreDAO community has given a favorable endorsement in this regard. The post states that CORE (CoreDAO) will be evaluated for listing as soon as possible following the main network's update without complications.

The ecosystem for Satoshi Plus is currently being developed by Core DAO, the recognized decentralized organization for Satoshi Plus. By providing their hashing power to the chain, it enables miners to have access to other sources of income. One of the advantages it provides is this. Core shows a profound respect for the cryptocurrency ecosystem's history, and this joy is only surpassed by Core's enthusiasm for its role in the ecosystem's future. This excitement is brought on by the concepts that both blockchains were built around.

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