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Investment Fraud Involving Cryptocurrencies Cost US Investors $2.57B In 2022

investment fraud-bitcoin

Internet fraud cost US citizens more over $10 billion in 2022, with $2.57 billion of that loss coming from cryptocurrency investment schemes.

In 2021, fraudulent cryptocurrency investment losses will amount $907 million. The victims are mostly between the ages of 30 and 49. Getting consumers to connect their wallets to fraudulent liquidity mining software in order to steal their money or take over their social media accounts is the most common technique of fraud.

While more people are being convinced to part with their hard-earned money in these fraudulent scams, this unpleasant trend is on the rise. In order to avoid falling victim to such scams, it is essential to do sufficient research before making an investment. To further safeguard the security of your money, it is essential to only work with reputable and reliable brokers and exchangers.

Scams using bitcoin are becoming more and more of a concern for everyone, not just Americans. Scams can take many different shapes, such as fake ICOs, Ponzi plans, and phishing. A recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) survey found that men between the ages of 20 and 49 were the most affected demographic.

It is crucial to remember that fraudsters find cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to be enticing targets due to their nature. Because transactions are decentralized and participants are anonymous, it is challenging to track down and recover stolen assets. This underlines how crucial it is to use cautious while working with bitcoin.

The crypto sector is still in its infancy and has a dismal track record for its companies. Yet, this is a promising area that is anticipated to grow quickly in the future. In order to make the rules more restrictive for both enterprises and investors, government agencies are working on legal concerns.

It's crucial to use caution and awareness when investing in cryptocurrency. Do your research, work with reputable brokers, and always verify the legitimacy of investment opportunities before you deposit your money. You can prevent falling for bitcoin investment scams by taking these precautions.

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