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Most Recent Update, MetaMask Enhances Privacy Experience

metamask-conensys-ethereum-avalanche-bnb chain-polygon-optimism

Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask's most recent update included some significant privacy improvements as well as faster loading times for mobile apps.

Thanks to an improved user experience, users of MetaMask Mobile now switch between their wallet and browser with a single tap. Also, there is more freedom and openness when deciding which user accounts to connect to or disconnect from dApps.

Even though users intended to keep their accounts separate, when they previously linked MetaMask to bitcoin apps, it linked all of their accounts together. It will now maintain separate accounts when connecting to programs, and these connections will even be kept in separate browser tabs.

Less data transmission to third-party services used to run the wallet extension is another benefit of the change.

The first three words of the Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) must now be confirmed when creating a MetaMask wallet. During the rollout, you can select any RPC provider, and you can opt not to automatically join Infura, a service under the control of ConenSys, which also controls MetaMask.

Also, users can disable specific queries from being sent to outside APIs under the "Advanced configuration" options, providing them more control over their data.

The initiative also states that "genuine ownership and privacy" will be its guiding principles for development.

"The freedom to discontinue using MetaMask at any time, in our opinion, contributes to its worth. Self-custody allows you to import your private key into any wallet interface that supports the common Secret Recovery Phrase and gives you full control over your private key (SRP).

In order to prevent you from being taken advantage of by yet another centralized organization, we are devoted to protecting the privacy of our users."

Last month, the MetaMask cross-chain bridge aggregator extended compatibility for two more significant networks. MetaMask Bridges now supports a total of six bridge networks for the well-known online wallet (Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism).

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