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To Address The Issue of Fake NFTs, Magic Eden has Added Additional Layers of Verification

magic eden-solana-nft-ftx

In response to the problem of users buying fake NFTs, Magic Eden just announced on its official Twitter account that the platform has updated additional verification stages.

The Solana chain's NFT market, Magic Eden, tweeted on January 4 that it had learnt about the issue of users purchasing phony NFTs on this platform and had introduced additional verification levels to address it. Because Magic Eden was made aware of the issue, these additional verification levels were introduced. The site thanked its users for bringing their attention to a potential problem, in which customers would be able to buy fraudulent ABC NFTs. If users are impacted, they have the option of getting support from Magic Eden's help center.

On Monday night, users of Magic Eden reported seeing lewd images and Big Bang Theory stills in place of their NFT artwork. Magic Eden allegedly asserted that the platform's low-quality images were the result of one image source being hacked, but the site as a whole was unaffected. A few users who demanded an explanation from the social media platform reported the incident on Twitter, prompting the message to be published.

Magic Eden has been concentrating its efforts on spreading to other blockchains and enhancing its gaming industry due to the volatility of Solana as a result of the passing of FTX. This is as a result of the fluctuating price of Solana. The marketplace will be able to collaborate with strategic IP owners, elite game developers, and upcoming creators from the Polygon ecosystem thanks to the company's integration with the network, which it says it aims to accomplish in November. The market will be able to better service its clients as a result.

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