Facebook and Instagram have stated that as of April 11, 2023, they would no longer support NFT. In other words, all digital objects on Instagram, including articles with digital items, will stop functioning.

The ability for users to post new digital objects will be removed and any items they have already shared will continue to exist as postings but without sparkles or blockchain data. These posts may still be deleted by users at any time. If an article contains an item that can only be viewed in the profile's tab for digital objects, the article will be archived.

Additionally, users' profiles on Facebook and Instagram will no longer be connected to or linked to outside e-wallets. Users can no longer change their third-party e-wallet connection settings or access their digital items in the relevant tab.

In particular, consumers won't be able to access or download information about specific items after April 11, 2023. Users have until that date to file a request if they want to download their data. Digital item data, such as wallet addresses, will start to be removed from Facebook and Instagram's servers. In compliance with their terms of use and privacy policy for digital items, they will both retain and remove data.

As users will no longer be able to view or manage their digital things beyond the deadline of April 11, 2023, this is a significant development for users of Instagram. Users who have spent money and time on the platform creating and collecting digital products will need to find new arrangements. Since more social media platforms are embracing digital collectibles, it is unclear how this would effect the larger NFT ecosystem.

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