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Investment From $3M Private Round Completed in Web3 Game Magic Fantasy

Magic fantast-web3-Nick Hau-blockchain-binance-PVP games-NFT-easycoins

A free strategic card game based on Binance Smart Chain is said to be Magic Fantasy. The USDT stable currency and the game token VOD both support its built-in economic architecture. In PVP games, winning rewards players. Everyone has free access to the game, receives fantastic prizes for joining our enthusiastic players, and is urged to participate in co-creation.

To create in-game gear and scenery for NFTs, Magic Fantasy uses AIGC tools.

Nick Hau, the company's founder and CEO, said:

"We are happy to have finished our funding and strategic partnership with EasyCoins Venture, enabling us to view the creative economy's and skill-to-brighter earn's futures, which may fully capture the essence of Web 3.0. At the same time, we can concentrate on base development to give our game even more potential while letting our players better create and enjoy it."

The additional monies will go into marketing, integrating AIGC tools, and developing user games.

A reputable one-step cryptocurrency platform called EasyCoins offers a wide range of cutting-edge investing goods.

Despite the challenging market environment at the moment, the blockchain gaming industry is nevertheless progressing well.

The most recent BGA Games Report from DappRadar shows that between July and September, venture funding for blockchain games and metaverse projects reached a total of $1.3 billion. Despite being over twice as much as what was raised in 2021, this amount was 48% lower than it was in the second quarter.

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