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Is the Crypto Godfather Back in Fantom?


Perhaps the most well-known and successful developer in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is Andre Cronje. Cronje invented a number of well-known DeFi protocols, which have influenced the way DeFi and Web3 are perceived today. Cronje is renowned for developing the Yearn Finance protocol. Cronje has also played a crucial role in the growth of the Fantom DeFi ecosystem. However, public criticism from a "toxic" DeFi culture is separating Cronje from the blockchain industry. In addition, the developer has declared his plan to permanently depart DeFi. As a result, several Cronje-related tokens saw a sharp decline in price. What is it about Andre Cronje?

Who is Andre Cronje?

Who is Andre Cronje, then? Andre Cronje, a well-known software architect and Web3 developer who was born in Cape Town, South Africa, has revolutionized DeFi with his "test in production" philosophy. Yearn Finance and Keep3r (V1), two of his creations, as well as his contributions to the growth of a number of major DeFi protocols, including Hegic, Pickle Finance, Cover Protocol, PowerPool, Cream V2, Multichain, and SushiSwap, are well-known.

Additionally, Cronje has more than 20 years of expertise in computer science and software development. But in recent years, Cronje has dedicated himself to the creation of financial products with lower costs that make use of blockchain technology.

Has Andre Cronje Made FTM Pump?

Despite Cronje's many achievements over the years, the developer has found the DeFi market to be too challenging. Cronje publicly left DeFi in 2020 when Yearn Finance became successful, blaming a "toxic culture" as his main reason. The developer would, however, soon return to the scene and start working on a number of initiatives, including Keep3r, a "decentralized keeper network" that allows Web3 projects to source outside DevOps. Cronje would also devote a lot of work to the creation of Fantom.

Andre Cronje, described by his co-workers as "an amazing deep thinker with enormous questions," has influenced the look of decentralized finance (DeFi). Cronje aspires to separate himself from the negative elements of the DeFi community and concentrate on programming out of the public eye. As a result, Cronje has shut down his Twitter account and said very little in the media about the subject. This all changed though today as he tweeted:

Cronje added .ftm to his Twitter name which never happened even during the previous bull run, and as evidenced by his new profile photo, the FTM logo is hovering in his left hand. And quoting the famous meme line from GTA, it seems Andre Cronje is ready to end his hiatus and maybe potentially start developing more projects in the Fantom network. After this got the attention of the public, Fantom (FTM) saw a massive pump as shown in the chart below.

FTM 1D Chart | Source: TradingView

As of the writing, FTM is currently trading at the $0.2605-0.2720 range. FTM rose to the $0.2880 level as we saw it break its descending triangle pattern. It is quite exciting to look forward on the upcoming days how this Cronje comeback plays out with the FTM price.

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