The SHIB cryptocurrency and Shibarium blockchain's community is involved in controversy over claims of code plagiarism. The problem started when a well-known Discord user noticed that the Shibarium chain was utilizing the same Chain ID as the Rinia Testnet chain, which is 917.

While some users panicked and sold their tokens, the Shibarium chain's developers stated that the similarities was the result of an innocent mistake. A pseudonymous developer tweeted that a fresh version of the BETA network with a new chain ID would be released and that the chain IDs were chosen at random and were not registered anywhere at the time.

Code similarities discovered on Github were also observed, although community members pointed out that reusing pre-written libraries of open-source code is a typical approach.

Other people believed that the claims were a ruse to get free publicity for Rinia and a forthcoming project. The project's Telegram community member and crypto security engineer Andrew Angrisani hypothesized that the Rinia Testnet chain Dev is launching an ICO for Firechain on March 31 called a Shib Killer and may be utilizing the similarities to create publicity. Others countered the claims by pointing out that Shibarium is still in the BETA stage, where errors are tested and remedied.

Since the initial selloff, the SHIB token has somewhat recovered its losses, although it is still down 7.82% today. Although there may have been some short-term volatility as a result of the drama, it is still unclear how it will impact the project's long-term prospects.

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