According to e-financials, the world's largest investment banking firm JP Morgan & Chase has moved to establish a crypto innovation center in Athens to promote innovation in blockchain, AI, and cryptography.

On February 21, Tryone Lobban, head of JP Morgan's DeFi platform Onyx, stated that the financial powerhouse has established an innovation center in Athens, initially concentrating on developing payment capabilities to support Onyx.

The crypto lab will provide worldwide payment companies research and development (R&D) services on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cryptography.

Employees from JP Morgan's asset and wealth management departments have allegedly relocated to the new office in Athens.

Four engineering roles, including two full-stack engineers, one mobile app engineer, and a technical manager, are also open at the crypto lab.

The performer blockchain-based digital identity mobile applications and wallet prototypes are what the mobile app engineer will be working on. According to Lobann, digital identification might open up new web2 and web3 interactions and services.

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