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Justin Sun Disapproved Report That Huobi Would Fire 40% of Its Employees in 2023

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In addition to cutting the team size from 1,200 to 600 to 800 people and renegotiating the pay scale for high-paid employees, Huobi plans to remove the year-end incentive. That is, according to Wu Shuo's blockchain news, Huobi intends to once again reduce its workforce by about 40%.

In response to the news, a close friend of Huobi told Jiemian Report: "The news of layoffs seems partly reliable. Huobi must reduce spending because it has been losing money since leaving China.

Huobi, however, disputed the information in the study. Global consultant for Huobi Justin Sun responded internally: "The Huobi layoff plan published by the media is false." Huobi has managed to endure a bear market, which is challenging. The bear market is blazing hot. Recently, Huobi's firm has grown incredibly successfully, and its daily new arrivals have reached the top of the sector. It's a crucial time for progress, and I think 2023 will be even greater.

Significant changes will be brought about in the second half of 2022 by Huobi. On November 22, Jiemian News reported that Huobi Global, formerly the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in China, had changed its name from Huobi Global to Huobi.

After launching the Pi project ahead of schedule and without official authorisation, Huobi has suddenly found itself in hot water. However, Huobi's new additions in recent days have reportedly hit the high level in 2021, and the company has been in a net deposit scenario for 50 straight days, according to Justin Sun, a global consultant for Huobi. Unfortunately, some people find it upsetting to see Huobi users make money rather than lose it, so they are compelled to spread rumors to soften the 10,000-point blow to their feeble hearts.

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