The first liquidity pool on the Aptos network has been introduced by PancakeSwap. All significant trading pairs can currently be supported via liquidity mining. More trading pairs, such as CAKE-APT, CAKE-lzUSDC, CAKE-celUSDC, and others, will be added in the future.

The largest decentralized exchange (DEX) from BNB Chain is continuing to broaden its reach on the developing blockchain network a few weeks after the initial release on Aptos. In order to maintain the same overall experience for users as previous chains, PancakeSwap will bring its renowned user interface and farming approach to Aptos.

Users that stake LP tokens to support PancakeSwap can now earn CAKE thanks to the introduction of the liquidity pool on Aptos.

“To kickstart the launch, we have launched all major trading pairs that we’ve previously announced! CAKE-APT, CAKE-lzUSDC and CAKE-celUSDC are now available and much more!”

PancakeSwap wants more Aptos projects to be integrated and developed. This DEX will keep expanding its Aptos capabilities with a liquidity pool, farm services, and other things.

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