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Launchpad Service from OnePlanet is Added to Strengthen the Polygon NFT Ecosystem


OnePlanet, the NFT Marketplace that is quickly expanding, has developed a new project and unveiled its launchpad service to support the Polygon NFT ecosystem. The Polygon-based platform has introduced an NFT launchpad service for the well-known blockchain ecosystem, enabling the creation and publication of new collections on the Polygon network.

OnePlanet CEO Pryce Cho said:

"OnePlanet has been working closely with Polygon Studios to expand the Polygon NFT ecosystem and the upcoming launchpad service will contribute to accelerating its growth."

The Launchpad Service's Features

OnePlanet will provide a tailored to the needs and ideas of each project with the recently established launchpad service. The project's native tokens will be used for trading on the NFT platform. Additionally, OnePlanet offers its launchpad partners a wealth of marketing support, such as facilitating partnerships with other initiatives, influential individuals, and groups inside the Polygon ecosystem.

On Polygon Network, the OnePlanet marketplace debuted in September. Over 60 Terra-based NFT collections have been attempted to be revived since the platform's inception. OnePlanet was recognized as a leader in the Polygon NFT ecosystem when the company simultaneously listed Polygon-based NFT ventures such the Move-to-earn (M2E) project "TRACER" and metaverse project "The Mars".

OnePlanet's launchpad has been used by the blockchain-based P2E horse racing game Derby Stars as its debut project. Through Allowlist and Public purchases, 1,000 free Randombox NFTs are being distributed. Through OnePlanet's Terra launchpad, Derby Stars broke the previous record of one minute and thirty seconds by selling out both of their pre-sales.

Additionally, an other Polygon-based project, the Reddit Avatar Collections, was only recently added to OnePlanet, which attracted a lot of interest to the ecosystem. Soon, Crazy Defense Heroes, $TOWER, and Animoca brands will also be accessible on OnePlanet.

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