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Liberland Makes its Debut as the First Metaverse Country


The Balkan micronation of Liberland was established in 2015 on an abandoned island. This recently found continent has become the first nation to make an appearance in the metaverse.

Local news organization in Europe posted the information on social media:

"Wedged between Serbia and Croatia is the self-declared Balkan micronation of Liberland — which is to become the first country to be built in the metaverse."

Liberland, although not being a recognized nation, will be the first to be created and populated in a virtual world before being realized in the real world. The micronation's current president, Vit Jedlika, a former member of the Czech parliament, and his partner Jana Markovicova lay the nation's foundation.

In a formal statement, Jedlika stated:

"We are building a country that can serve as a good example for other countries. The biggest improvement is that, in Liberland, taxes are voluntary, and people are rewarded when they pay them."

With the aid of Zaha Hadid Architects, a spokeswoman stated that the goal of constructing a virtual world is to create a location for its numerous residents to meet without the need to travel. According to Zaha Hadid's chief architect, Schumacher, the metaverse would enable lifelike telepresence, co-location synergy, exploratory browsing, immersiveness, and group experiences.

In Schumacher's opinion:

"The metaverse is neither a game nor fiction. Virtual reality in the metaverse will be no less real than the physical reality in our cities."

According to Schumacher, dealing with traditional architecture seriously and bringing it into the de-architecture era seems to require a new country without violence.

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