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Logan Paul Had Change of Heart and Apologizes to Coffeezilla After Backlash From NFT Project

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Paul declared that Coffeezilla and him are not at war.

Unexpectedly, Logan Paul removed the reaction video he had made in response to Coffeezilla's, in which he had accused the latter of disseminating false information and even threatened to sue Logan Paul.

Since he was a teenager, Logan Paul has been involved in controversy and legal troubles, whether it be for publishing sketches on Vine, switching to YouTube, or even engaging in combat in the WWE. His ascent to fame has been turbulent. The social media star's NFT project, is exactly the same. It cannot be denied that the project is in a terrible state.

After denying Coffeezilla's allegations, Paul declared he would like to accept responsibility, apologize, and present a plan for his NFT business in the near future.

Apology from Logan Paul

Over the course of a three-part series, renowned online investigator Coffeezilla, or Stephen Findeisen, alleged that Paul's Crypto Zoo project was a fraud.

Paul was one of the founders of Crypto Zoo, which officially debuted in September 2021 as previously announced. Prior to that, the 27-year-old native of Ohio's push caused a large flurry in the game, which was advertised as allowing users to earn a passive income. Despite making great promises, Coffeezilla claimed that investors had suffered significant losses.

No game has appeared more than a year later. The investigator claimed in the video that Paul quietly withdrew from the project after the developers abandoned CryptoZoo soon after its 2021 launch.

Paul eventually responded with insults for "sensationalizing" the incident after remaining silent for a few days. He defended himself by pointing the finger at two people who acted as the co-founders and advisors of CryptoZoo and are currently the subject of criminal investigations as the real offenders of any misconduct. In a now-deleted episode of his podcast "Impaulsive," Paul addressed the topic and made a commitment to withdraw a defamation lawsuit.

A little over a week later, he expressed regret to Coffeezilla. The message was posted on the Discord server and said,

“I will be taking accountability, apologizing, and coming forward with a plan in the near future. Thank you all for believing in this project and sticking with me. It was rash and misaligned with the true issue at hand, so I called him today and apologized… the war is not with Coffee. In fact, I’m grateful he brought this to light.”

Testing Out Skeleton Crypto Projects

Paul's involvement in a dubious enterprise has gotten him into trouble before. In July 2021, the social media star was actually charged with endorsing the "shitcoin" Dink Doink.

After the project, which was a parody of the popular cartoon series "South Park," lost all of its appeal, Paul attracted a lot of criticism.

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