2 months ago 2 min read

Lookonchain Identifies SmartMoneys With 100% Win Rate


Two SmartMoneys that have been performing remarkably well on GMX.IO have been found by Lookonchain. It may be highly beneficial to increase your win rate by following their moves.

The first SmartMoney closed its long bets in $ETH and $BTC, earning almost $240K, and has a 100% win rate.

The second SmartMoney is currently long $BTC at an entry price of $27,740 and has a 95% win rate. The leverage and size of both SmartMoneys' trades rapidly escalated from their initial low leverage and small size.

In related news, Twitter has replaced the Dogecoin graphic in its blue bird logo. It's unclear whether Elon Musk is making this adjustment to the emblem permanently or merely as a temporary courtesy to the DOGE community. Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency community has taken notice of the move.

When the price of $DOGE increased when Elon Musk's Twitter changed its logo to the meme coin, Spot On Chain said that two enormous whales sent out a combined total of 1.57 billion $DOGE at $0.094 (or about $147.4M). These whales were only three minutes apart because they behaved rapidly. After that, the $DOGE price dropped to $0.09 before rising to $0.095.

One of the whales, DFGAac, which formerly ranked #17, completely wiped off all of its 918M $DOGE ($86.6M). It now has a $DOGE balance of zero and made a $15.8M profit. DDuXGM, the other whale, pushed out 650M DOGE ($61.3M) in part but is still ranked #5. It has a 3.79B $DOGE ($367M) current balance and anticipates making a profit of $80.1M.

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