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MakerDAO’s Co-founder Discovered Lifeless in Puerto Rico After CIA’s Sex Trafficking Tweets


According to numerous reports quoting a Police Bureau investigation, Nicolai Arcadie Muchgian, a co-founder of MakerDAO, has been located in Puerto Rico. As per reports, the 29-year-old bitcoin developer passed away early Friday morning after being pulled by water currents on the Condado beach. However, several of his tweets from before the tragedy imply there might have been more to his death than is currently known.

MakerDAO Co-founder’s Death Caused by Accusatory Tweets

A day after tweeting about a sex trafficking and blackmail ring run by CIA, Mossad, and Pedo elites out of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, Muchgian inexplicably passed away. Muchgian tweeted:

"They're going to use a laptop that my ex-girlfriend, who was a spy, planted to frame me. They'll punish me till I die."

Muchgian claimed in a tweet from September that the only three possibilities that were available for him were “suicided by CIA, CIA brain damage slave asset, the worst nightmare of people who fucked with me up until now, I am sure these are the only options.”

Muchgian frequently tweeted about threats to his life and intricate plots by the CIA and other organizations to frame him. The relationship between the parties and the cryptocurrency creator is unknown, although he - Muchgian - "was a threat to the central banking cartel," according to a tweet he sent on his personal account.

Muchgian’s tweet last August read, “Let it be known that if I am somehow set up and framed or shot, it wasn’t through sophisticated actions, but from sheer perserverence by people with infinite time and money to waste.”

Muchgian, Although Being Less Well-Known, Has Significantly Improved Crypto

Despite the fact that Muchgian is largely unknown, particularly among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Muchgian has made a significant contribution to various blockchain projects, some of which are still operational and already well-known, like MakerDAO and BitShares, according to public attestations and information on his own website.

A disastrous attack that might have destroyed the MakerDAO protocol in a manner similar to how "The DAO" was abused, leading to the hardfork of Ethereum and a rift in the community, was stopped by Muchgian six years ago.

On his website, the cryptocurrency developer lists seven active projects, all of which are likely on hold as a result of his departure. A couple of the projects are Rico, a "fork of dai with innovative design for rate controller and reference price calculator," and Manaflow, which is referred to as "an alternative to sharding."

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