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Matter Labs Announced New Branding for zkSync 2.0 and Developer Mainnet

Matter Labs-zksync-ethereum

The competition to grow Ethereum layer 2 has recently intensified beyond all recognition. The race to grow Ethereum layer 2 has just been more competitive than ever. Following a restricted testing mainnet called Baby Alpha, zkSync just formally opened its doors to projects that wish to test the mainnet of the zkEVM solution developed by this company. Recently, zkSync has formally opened its doors to projects that want to test the mainnet of the zkEVM solution that this company developed after a restricted testing mainnet called Baby Alpha.

For projects that have been pre-registered, the most recent zero knowledge (zk) roll-up technology from Matter Labs is now deployable on the Ethereum network.

To identify the various incarnations of their scaling solutions, Matter Labs rebranded zkSync 1.0 as zkSync Lite and zkSync 2.0 as zkSync Era. Dapps compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine are made possible by the latter (EVM). The project has also announced the new mainnet phase via its official Twitter account, @zkSync.

The zkEVM solution has undergone the following significant changes:

  • For the project programming team, open the mainnet.
  • Introducing a new brand: zkSync 2.0 was renamed to zkSync Era.
  • Deploying the project's whole source code as open source

On Thursday, project developers who pre-registered for the "Era" platform will be able to release their initial app deployments on the network. The Era chain won't be accessible to the general public, but app developers can test their code before a full rollout anytime soon.

The Fair Onboarding Alpha Stage is the last stage before all projects on the Ethereum mainnet have full access to the Era chain.

The team also disclosed a few significant testnet milestones, including the execution of 9 million transactions, the deployment of 30,000 contracts, and the activation of 497,000 wallet addresses.

The new product development plan modifications were also disclosed in the tweet mentioned above by zkSync. The Baby Alpha mainnet was implemented earlier in November, and the functionalities were briefly tested on the layer 2 network.

This week, Polygon—another company developing a zkEVM solution—announced its mainnet roadmap. These actions are escalating the zkEVM race, which by mid-2022 had already garnered a lot of interest.

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