5 months ago 1 min read

Meta Oasis and Chainlink Collaborate to Promote NFT Artworks


With the announcement of the integration of Meta Oasis with Chainlink Verifiable Random function (VRF) on the Ethereum mainnet, there appears to be a palpable level of excitement in the air. A platform that uses the metaverse is called Metaverse. With this very ambitious move and game plan, Meta Oasis will be able to link with a secure and auditable means of randomization, which is the primary necessity in the appropriate and calculated dispersion of the NFT artworks, and will benefit greatly from the merging with VRF.

The gaming accessories and blind boxes that they own and routinely distribute through their platform are also mentioned. All of this unintentionally improves user experience and makes it much easier for them to conduct accurate audits of their numerous artworks, other products, and blind boxes. Along with all of these advantages, it should be noted that users have access to some of the rarest and most distinctive NFTs in existence.

The decision to partner with Chainlink VRF was made finally and definitively, according to the Meta Oasis team, after careful consideration of the entity's characteristics. The academic research system at Chainlink VRF is renowned for being completely modern and highly sophisticated. It also receives the proper support from a trustworthy oracle network. When it comes to Meta Oasis' criteria, everything works out quite well.

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