Investors have been cautioned of continued phishing attempts by con artists seeking to contact customers using Namecheap's third-party upstream system for emails, according to popular cryptocurrency wallet service MetaMask.

On the evening of February 12, the web hosting company Namecheap discovered that one of their third-party services had been abused to send some unwanted emails that specifically targeted users of MetaMask. The event was referred to by Namecheap as a "email gateway problem."

In the proactive notice, MetaMask informed its million followers that it does not gather Know Your Customer (KYC) information and never emails customers to inquire about their accounts.

The hacker's phishing emails contain a link that launches a phony MetaMask website and asks for a private recovery phrase "to keep your wallet secure."

Investors were cautioned by the wallet provider to avoid disclosing seed phrases since doing so gives hackers full access of the user's assets.

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