The Hedera (HBAR) network, which utilizes its own hashgraph technology, has recently made more strides in the NFT market. Blur and other NFT markets have made the industry more competitive, and Hedera now has Mynt, a well-known music NFT project, moving from Ethereum to its network.

A major slowdown in the selling of digital collectibles has afflicted the NFT market since the second half of 2022, which has led to the sector's subsequent decline into a bear market. Yet, the Hedera ecosystem has continued to develop and provide new apps on top of its Hashgraph-powered network, showing that this has not slowed down its growth.

The debut of Mynt, a platform that serves as an incubator for new artists into the realm of Web3, was announced by Hedera's development arm, HBAR Foundation, on Tuesday. Mynt offers new artists insights to build and expand successful NFT initiatives. Hedera was chosen by Mynt above other layer-1 blockchains because of its dedication to developing environmentally friendly NFTs, which the NFT platform actively uses to produce new revenue streams for musicians and artists.

According to Alex Russman, Vice President of the HBAR Foundation's Metaverse Fund:

"The Mynt team is bringing their industry expertise and artist network to to the Hedera ecosystem around a clear understanding of how Web3 innovation best contributes to the artist journey and fan experience."

Hedera is frequently selected as the ideal option when it comes to creating NFT collections from the viewpoints of speed, security, and fees because of the scalability of its token service. The price of minting a batch of 10,000 NFTs on the carbon-negative Hedera network is about $78 USD.

Also, Hedera uses 3300 times less energy than Ethereum and 1000 times less energy than VISA, according to the most recent research from University College London (UCL). Hedera also uses the least amount of energy per transaction of any public distributed ledger technology (DLT).

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