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New Blockchain Services From Tencent Cloud Give Web3 Developers More Power


In addition to announcing blockchain API services and a Metaverse-in-a-Box offering to aid Web3 developers, Tencent Cloud also announced support for the Web3 ecosystem. They have partnered with Web3 infrastructure and blockchain organizations, and they will offer workshops and coupons for cloud services.

Technology firm Tencent Cloud declared its support for the growth of Web3, a decentralized internet environment. To assist Web3 developers, they will provide a number of blockchain API services and a Metaverse-in-a-Box solution.

Under its Web3 Ecosystem Alliance, Tencent Cloud will assist Web3 developers and companies in areas including security, storage, identity management, development tools, and data analysis. Vouchers for cloud services, marketing training, and PR possibilities will all be offered by the business.

To create a number of blockchain API services, they have jointly inked a cooperation agreement with Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr. In order to offer further assistance to developers, Tencent has also partnered with the Web3 blockchain businesses Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui.

The Web3 Build Day is the first global summit for Web3 hosted by Tencent Cloud. Prominent business associates and Web3 specialists from Tencent Research Institute will gather for this event to discuss the most recent advancements in blockchain technology and developing trends in Web3 gaming and social networks.

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