Katana, the DEX platform on Axie Infinity’s dedicated Ethereum sidechain Ronin, has announced a new liquidity mining strategy that will begin on January 1, 2023.

The first iteration of the Katana program will run from January 1 through March 31 and be followed by a quarterly evaluation. The first release of the RON in its new format will be cut in half. The allocated budget for the new Katana liquidity mining program is around 11 million RON, or roughly 1.1% of the overall supply.

As they transition to new RON liquidity pools, the team is also excited to share further liquidity provider incentives that will be offered in early Q1. Because the team thinks this is the best method to guarantee Katana has adequate liquidity for the community to perform trades, they have decided to implement these incentives rather than halting emissions on December 31.

This initial phase of program implementation will run from January 1 through March 31. Thereafter, a quarterly program evaluation will be carried out. Budgeted at up to 11 million RON, or roughly 1.1% of supply overall, the new Katana Liquid Mining Program is funded.

Ronin's native decentralized exchange is Katana. Ronin invented the Katana. Using a user's Ronin wallet, users can trade tokens such as AXS, SLP, RON, USDC, and WETH at any time and from any location. Everyone has access to this feature. Thanks to this function, users of Axie Infinity can now buy and trade in-game currency.

The crew set off on a voyage in 2022 with the intention of delivering their native token, RON, to the people in our neighborhood. By providing a motivation for liquidity providers to join in specific crucial pools and earn RON tokens, they were successful in achieving this goal.

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