4 months ago 1 min read

New Privacy Blockchain Midnight Will Be Released by Cardano

New Privacy Blockchain Midnight Will Be Released by Cardano

In a speech at Edinburgh University in Scotland on Friday, IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson said that Midnight, one of many side chains being deployed around Cardano, will outperform earlier privacy-coin projects by delivering zero-knowledge-proof smart contracts. Midnight is supported by zero-knowledge-proof technology.

Midnight Blockchain will act as a dividing line between preserving anonymity and giving auditors and regulators a backdoor into the system if authorization is granted. At Midnight, everything is anonymous, therefore privacy-coin technology has developed.

Charles Hoskinson also disclosed that the company will introduce a "Dust" coin to go along with the new network.

The protection-based blockchain will provide for the protection of fundamental rights to association, commerce, and speech for developers, businesses, and individuals. Important personal and commercial data will be preserved until midnight.

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