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New Season of Mini Royale Launched; Introduces New Heroes, Mechanics, and Other Content


With over 400,000 monthly active players, Mini Royale: Nations has been hailed as the first multiplayer game on Solana. With new gameplay, NFT collections, and community events, the upcoming season hopes to keep current players and attract new ones.

Samurai Jackpot

Faraway's debut title, Mini Royale: Nations, is similar to Valorant and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the game has traditional first-person shooter game types such Team Deathmatches (TDM), Capture the Flag, and others.

Since its founding, the Miami-based blockchain game company has raised $30 million in fundraising rounds from leading investors like a16z and Sequoia Capital. According to Alex Paley, the co-founder of Mini Royale: Nations, the game now has 500,000 monthly users and 25,000 daily active users. An active user, according to Faraway, is a distinct user who interacts with the app within 24 hours.

The browser-based shooting game is kicking off its fourth season with new samurai-themed challenges, maps, battle passes, heroes, and more in an effort to keep true to its aim of encouraging player-driven economies and maintaining its player base.

Here are specifics on what will be released during the upcoming season:

🟢 NFTs of shinigami heroes, samurai, and street fighters are included in two collections (Premium and Loot).
🟢 20 premium heroes are made available for players to use through premium contracts or premium samurai drops.
🟢 The S4 Premium Battle Pass, S4 Premium Contracts, tier boost in the battle pass, and other features are available to Premium Hero NFT holders.
🟢 Item shards will be used for the first time to unlock heroes and weapons from the Loot collection. Only after collecting every shard do players have the ability to summon loot.
🟢 Through Battle Passes, Challenges, Contracts, Clan Wars, Daily Attendance, and the Lucky Shooting Range, players can acquire item shards. Additionally, unique contracts have been set up for NFT holders who acquire loot.
🟢 120 tiers make up the new battle pass. 2.5 million points are required in total for players to advance through all tiers.
🟢 The Shinigami Square New Map. New POIs, such as tunnels, elevated lanes, and other features, are included on the arena map.
🟢 Challenges and Contracts are the two new subgroups of the Quest system.
🟢 Every week until the end of the season, new fusion recipes will be made available.

One of the most graphically pleasing and comprehensive first-person shooter games available on the Web3 is without a doubt Mini Royale: Nations. The browser-based game's amazing gaming mechanics, awards, and other features have made it a strong rival to traditional games. In anticipation of welcoming a fresh influx of participants to Web3, the new season brings exciting developments.

Visit Mini Royale: Nation's blog article for more information.

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