3 months ago 1 min read

NFT Creators and Metaplex Agreed to Upgrade Current NFT Collections within 90 days


The upgrading path consists of two normal upgrades and community voting (14 days advance notice to the holder).

Creators are responsible for informing their collectors of the upcoming changes, however Metaplex will provide assistance by publishing a public notification page.

A few days after the upgrading tool's initial release, they will be able to list the programs that can connect with their NFTs. For ease of usage, the platform will offer a list of frequently used apps that respect royalties in an optional rule set.

A 14-day countdown will start after the author starts the on-chain upgrading procedure before the upgrade becomes active.

The current NFT series will have 90 days to upgrade, according to Metaplex, after which it will be allowed to mint either programmed NFTs or conventional NFTs using required royalties, but migration between the two will not be supported.

The platform will publish technical integration details for programmable NFTs with developers and marketplaces the following week. It will be necessary to integrate with programmable NFTs and publicly pledge to respect creator royalties on-chain in order to be included in the default royalties rule set.

In addition, it will make a few last-minute adjustments to MIP-1 the next week in order to take into account the positive feedback it received in recent weeks.

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