3 months ago 1 min read

NFT Goobers' Creator Acknowledges Wasting Investors' Money on Gambling

goober-nft-DNP3-gridcraft network

NFT Goobers' founder DNP3 has acknowledged his gambling habits on his personal page. Along with all of his possessions, he also lost the money of investors.

"I am now spiritually bankrupt as well as monetarily bankrupt. I don't feel like I can trust myself anymore," he continued, adding that he was meeting with a support group to start on the "road to recovery."

The Goobers NFT, the Gridcraft Network metaverse, and the charity-focused cryptocurrency CluCoin were all founded by Twitch streamer DNP3, who is also the creator of numerous other cryptocurrency projects.

All associated projects were immediately put on hold after this unexpected development.

Market capitalization for the Goobers NFT project fell by 14.6%. The Goobers sold 968 ETH in total, or about $1.1 million.

The news brought to mind other cryptocurrency initiatives, such as NFT launchpad Onepad, which had to shut down when its founder lost money gambling.

Although the amount of money DNP3 wagered is still unknown, it is assumed that millions of dollars have been risked. It is widely known that DNP3 is the creator of Goobers, as well as Gridcraft Network, XeniaRust, and CluCoin, a cryptocurrency with a philanthropic bent.

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